Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Running Rigging, Halyards, and Boom Vangs...

Remember this pretty lady?

Well, the title was dropped off this weekend and I now own 1/3 of her (with Cris and Maggie holding the other 2/3). I am so, so very excited. :) In fact, I think I may be enjoying being part owner more than I would have enjoyed being sole owner; for one, there's three times the excitement! ;) For another, there are two other people to split the work (and cost!) of cleaning, buying new running rigging, and figuring out where to get it bottom painted.

Just to be clear, this definitely doesn't mean that any of us knows what we're doing; in fact, a conversation between Cris and I this evening went something like this:

Me: Is it okay if I go ahead and order new running rigging? We can't sail without it.
Cris: Sure! Let me know what my share is. What's running rigging?
Me: A traveler, a halyard, and a boom vang.
Cris: A what?
Me: A boom vang.
Cris: What's a boom vang?
Me: I have no idea. But we need a new one.


So far our immediate checklist looks something like this: order and then install new running rigging; get the paperwork done so it's properly titled and registered; give it a good cleaning; beg/pester the previous owner to finish giving us the cushions, curtains, etc, as well as the anchor (without which we can't sail, and I really don't want to spend upwards of $60 on a new one when the anchor that came with our boat is sitting in a storage locker somewhere); get ourselves up to speed on the Coast Guard safety requirements. I'm sure there's more to be done... but that's a start! :)

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