Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Restful Productivity"

Since I'm only working two jobs this week, my goal was/is "restful productivity." I have a lot I want to accomplish, but also, life has been busybusybusy for awhile and I really want to regain my creative footing, catch up on some sleep, and rejuvenate my soul.

I got off on the wrong foot, lol, as I packed the weekend full of good stuff - going dancing, a road-trip with Cris and Maggie to Ikea that included a stop to look at tiny-house-convertible sheds and Starbucks, and ended with dinner by the docks on Solomon's Island. All in all - a good weekend, but by the time Monday rolled around, I was beat! :)

So far the week has been quieter. I was able to get a lot of cleaning done inside yesterday, so from this point forward I'll be focusing on organizing and purging. (I still have a few "cleaning" projects left, but they'll have to wait.)

This weekend I officially moved all my plants outside! I still cover the seedlings at night, mostly because I have a "pet" rabbit who lives under my trailer that I suspect would just love a dinner of tasty fresh plants. ;)

And I seem to have finally managed to keep my herbs alive. After losing three of my original six plants (the German thyme, boxwood basil and dill) I replaced them with sweet basil and garden sage, both of which seem to be much hardier. So now I have sage, parsley, basil, and rosemary. The parsley was failing terribly last week, and after doing some research, with fear and trembling I "attacked" it with my garden shears and gave it a good trimming. As scared as I was that I wasn't doing it right, it perked right up and a bunch of new leaves popped around the bottom (which is exactly what I wanted - bushy, not tall) and it's now restored to the proper healthy green color. Amen!

My strawberries haven't produced any more berries but they seem happy enough in their pots. I'm still debating whether to find a big pot to put them in, or whether to plant them in the ground and cover them with straw for next year. (Can you overwinter strawberry plants in pots? I have no idea, but I doubt it...)

I was trying to find out if I'd ever mentioned it in a post before (and apparently I have not), but my frog is back! We have a rather lovely, rather large, bright green, smooth-skinned frog who lived in our pool when it was set up, and when my trailer replaced the pool, he switched to living in a pot of water during the day (that I kept refilled for him lol) and at night he crawled up to my bedroom window and hummed. I enjoyed falling asleep to the sound and was sad when he disappeared come fall. Well, yesterday I went to water my plants and as I was moving my watering can, Mr. Frog emerged to let me know that this was his chosen home for the summer. I quickly replaced him, and I look forward to listening to his song all summer. :)

Well, I'm off to go see "my" boat, which Crisy has decided to go in on with me! Eee! So excited. :) Today we're going to show it to her and enjoy a picnic lunch on the dock while we discuss boat ownership details. Then tonight I have swim, and in the meantime I have a chicken covered in Tennessee "Smoke and Barbecue" rub roasting in my crockpot. :)

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