Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beautiful Sights

We've gotten back into the habit of going dancing with the local traditional music group on the second Saturday of each month. I'd forgotten how much I loved it - the physical rush of dancing, matched by the emotional soaring of the music, and the sense of community, the "we're all in this together!" feeling I get as I watch friends old and new come together on the floor.
I ate the first strawberries off my plants this week (not these - the ones I ate were really and truly ripe). They weren't very good; strawberries need sunshine and open air, and it's been too cold and wet for my plants to go outside. But I keep the faith and wait.
Should I get a boat? Should I get this boat? It's a question that's been weighing heavily on my mind. ;) This boat, while requiring some elbow grease and a little initial investment in parts and work, would be free, and it's so, so tempting. Look at how beautiful she is!
All these seeds went into the ground at the same time, from the same packet, so you can imagine my amusement at this ambitious seedling dubbed an "overachiever" by a Facebook friend. I cannot wait to get all my seedlings into my newly painted pallet garden.
And that - that, my friends, is lettuce. Which makes me happy. Because it was supposed to take 7-10 days to germinate, but instead popped out overnight. Because nothing is better than truly fresh lettuce. Because when I buy lettuce at the store, it almost inevitably dies when I put it in my fridge. Just because. :)
I'm remembering now what it's like to live in a "tin can" during the warm months. :) Luckily, the heat is tempered by the charm of having my windows open to the outdoors, and everything cools quickly as soon as the sun sets. I'm looking forward to being able to run my system fan or AC all night - I like some white noise while I sleep. 
Look at my latest finds! I was amused at the tea, but once I smelled it I fell in love with the smell. And the lemon olive oil? Amazing. I cannot wait to make some olive oil cake tonight.
It might end up being a key lime/lemon cake, since I have all these lovely key limes just crying out for a squeeze in my new juicer. ;)
And... yes, I bought a candle. Despite the fact that my candle stash has become quite large and I easily have enough candles to last me through the summer, even at the rate that I'm going. But this one was sandalwood, and I haven't found a good sandalwood candle since my favorite one got used up a few weeks after I moved in. And I can leave myself messages on this one - and admit it, sometimes you just need a little note to remind yourself about what's important! :)

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