Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Randomizer

- This time tomorrow I will be at the beach! I'm counting down the hours (especially since I'm currently seven hours into a ten hour workday) and I can just barely wait. I cleaned the house yesterday (why do I always go on a mad housecleaning frenzy right before I leave?!) so tonight all I have to do is put away this last load of laundry, make a quick zip through the fridge to throw out any perishables, and pack.

- A note for next year, though: make it a week of staycation. As much as I'm looking forward to putting my feet in the ocean, the rest of my soul loves the idea of getting a chance to catch up on all the stuff that needs attention around here. Next year, I think I'll plan on taking a few days off to "recharge" at home.

- Speaking of which... I'm looking forward to fall, and I'm not going to apologize for it. I always feel guilty anticipating fall when I enjoy summer so much, but it's my favorite season and anticipation is half the fun. (Also, I miss my kids. Yeah, I know you're tired of hearing it. Sorry.)

- I've been thinking a lot about fear, lately, especially that verse that says "Perfect love casts out all fear" (and the verse that says "God is love"). I've been thinking about how so often our knee-jerk response is one of fear and insecurity. How all these excuses we make - what will people think, what if we're misunderstood, what if someone takes advantage of us - disappear if and when we finally take God at His word. I want to react from a place of His love. I fail at this. A lot.

- Also, about grace: I saw the dad of one of my swim kids yesterday, and he made a point of telling me about how well his kids were doing and thanking me for it. When he walked up, I was a bit flustered (due to something  completely unrelated), he gave me a hug, and I was reminded that one night last year, during an extremely stressful night at swim, he suddenly rose from where he was sitting in the bleachers watching his kid's lessons, came down on deck to where I was standing, and told me very simply and sincerely how appreciative he and his wife were of our program, how much their kids enjoyed it, and how he knew that many people took the time to let us know where we were failing, but almost never bothered to let us know when we'd gotten it right. He patted my shoulder, told me he knew I was busy, and went back to his seat, and I still remember the almost physical relief that flooded through my body. I can only imagine that I looked as frazzled as I felt (I don't have a poker face to speak of lol). I need to more grace-full, too.

- The triplets have been doing lots of painting lately and I love it! They already have such distinct styles - Lucy uses lots of arching horizontal sweeps, Addie fills up the paper with short strokes, and Miles draws long wavy vertical lines. I love their individuality, and the fact that there using the same tools and pain but their art turns out so differently!

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