Tuesday, August 11, 2015


- I'm tired, but feeling better than I have in at least a few days. Between an allergic reaction to something (still no idea what!), an incredibly stressful week (more on that later), and missing my kids (so, so, SO badly), I'm ready for smoother sailing again. Here's to hoping.

- I'm looking forward to: having electricity again (long story/don't ask/it's been a week/but hopefully tonight!); a beach getaway next week with Cris and Mags (I'm determined to make this a simple trip focused on rest and feeding my soul, instead of trying to cram in a to-do list); the fall (I'm sorry, I love summer but autumn is my fav and it's thisclose); having a piece of brown-butter peach upside down cake when I get home (so, so good!); going to bed tonight (I'm so, so tired).

- I'm so thankful for: my dad spending countless hours over the last week rewiring the electrical circuit so I can have power again; the emergency generator that's been keeping the a/c and fan running enough to keep the place habitable and my fridge/freezer from melting down; coffee (I started drinking it black this week, after saying I'd never be able to give up cream. Turns out the secret is to just be 1. so tired that it's physically painful to be conscious, and 2. run out of cream. By the time you're caffeinated enough to care, you're over it).

- I'm thinking about: a new microhouse company (minimhomes.com. I like them more than most tiny homes, I respond to the style very strongly); my fall schedule (this is either going to be smooth sailing or a complete disaster); swim (always).

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