Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Blog

Will I ever do a full-length blog post again? Yes... but not right now. :) I did, however, want to pitch my new project, a daily fashion blog for we skirts-only girls, Girl In Skirt. I love daily fashion blogs (is it pathetic that I get home, boot up my computer, and immediately think, "I wonder what Allie wore today?") but I have yet to find a skirts-only fashion blog... so I thought I'd start one!

If anyone else is a skirt-wearer (meaning that you do not wear pants on a regular basis), I would love it if you'd contribute your photos! Otherwise, I hope to do the "Fearlessly Feminine Challenge" for the last week of the month and post 2-3 times per week the rest of the time. Check out the contributor guidelines and get to it, then!

Longer post later this week, I promise. :)

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