Monday, November 2, 2009

A Picture Post!

I have always had an interest in photography but always lacked the time, energy, and willpower to actually learn how to use a camera well. And then I grew up, and digital cameras took over, and point and shoot (and instantly review and print!) became the norm, and suddenly even idiots like me could take passable, and occasionally even good, pictures.

I thought I'd share with you some of the pictures I've taken in the last few months with my new Kodak EasyShare C180, some artsy, some documentary, and some just for fun. :)

Isn't this a fun texture? I love the texture of denim, especially denim that's just a teensy bit worn, like my fav skirt!

I have been visualizing this portrait every since the rest of my family went to Texas last year and brought back pictures flooded with awesome beach light. My sister Anna has gorgeous long curly hair and fair skin, and I knew the combination of light and wind would make a terrific shot!

I likewise love these pictures... Anna is very strong and athletic and I love the lines of this photo.

A quickie self-portrait! We actually had to hold the camera upside down in order to be able to line it up properly!

Don't ask me why, but last week when Anna and I pulled up at the co-op I noticed how beautiful the raindrops were on these red bushes. I didn't know my camera was capable of capturing the nice color and wet shine, but it was!

Anna's cat Ranger has such beautiful lines on her face... I can't believe I forgot to turn off the date/time stamp!

I am looking forward to continuing on in my little hobby. I think I understand a little bit the phrase "photographer's eye" since I'm starting to see a photo in everything around me - even in parking lot gravel. Yes, I stopped today to photograph parking lot gravel.

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