Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Despite my extreme pessimism about this week, despite the fact that we launched a massive new ad/sale campaign this week, despite the fact that I have not quite gotten enough sleep... things are really going so well!

On Sunday, the producer of our church's summer musical program took over rehearsal so that I could stay home and get to sleep before being at work at 3AM. I was dreading this... but amazingly, I popped up awake and mostly alert and went to work for the first day of our new promotion. It was crazy busy, but we found out yesterday that out of all the stores in our area, we were beat out of first place in sales by only two sandwiches. Not bad, especially considering that our contending store is on the highway to D.C. and we're in little ole' SOMO.

Because of my early arrival, I got off around 11AM and headed home to spend a few hours working on my lesson plans for my two classes, then poured myself into a hot tub to soak and read some... I did dutifully read my chapter of Silas Marner (I always enjoy this novel while I'm reading it... but for some reason I never seem to look forward to reading it. Odd) but I also indulged my inner child and non-English-major alter ego by reading... this. *sigh* Mock away - I can't help myself! :)

I hung out for awhile and I think I rolled over and turned out the light around 9...

Ok, to be completely fair, if there has been a "bad day" in my week so far, this would be it. Even though I spent so much time preparing my lessons, I then left all my printed materials - handouts, homework, etc - on my dresser and left without it. I didn't realize this until after we'd gone halfway there and made our Tuesday morning coffee stop, so I had to turn around and go back for it, thus arriving only 15-20 minutes early instead of my usual hour. That incident just kind of set the tone for the rest of the day... I felt like I was putting out fires most of the time.

It was a nice surprise to find out that voice lessons had been canceled, since I felt a bit like a dishrag at this point. I ferried Allen off to his biweekly Tang So Do session, came home and read through a few of my blogs, and trundled off to bed around 7.

For some reason, I don't tend to sleep well when there's a full moon. I don't know if there really is some magnetic connection between the chemistry of the human brain and the moon's gravitation, as some of my physics-smart friends have claimed, or if I just don't sleep as well when there's more light in the room, but I just tend to sleep really lightly during the days directly before, during, and after the full moon, and I dream really intensely about what is going on in my life. Even though I went to bed early, I kept waking up every few hours feeling unsettled, and at one point I couldn't go back to sleep until - you guessed it! - it was 2 AM and time to get up anyway. I was not a very awake person today at work, but at least I was off in my own workstation so I wasn't in anybody's way. :)

One of my co-workers was also getting off at 11AM, so we went to lunch together, and I did a very little bit of shopping afterwards, more looking that actual buying (I'll share my few finds with you later on this week). In the afternoon I lay on my bed watching Stargate: SG1 (I am so addicted it's not. even. funny.). Dinner with my family, then I read through my favorite blogs, wrote the weekly emails for my classes, and wrote this post. Now I'm off for a shower and probably I'll rewind with just one more SG1 episode before I get to sleep in... all the way to 5AM. Am I pathetic or what? :)

The rest of my week should be *knock on wood* fairly easy compared to the first half of this week. I don't have to be at work any earlier than 6, and my list of weekend projects is small. Plus, I have something to look forward to - babysitting my cousin Abigail for the first time!

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