Friday, September 25, 2009

All Hail... The Weekend!

And let the weekend begin! Not a moment too soon!

Our brand new manager looked at me as I bought coffee after work and sympathised, "This has been a pretty rotten week for you, hasn't it?" to which I had to agree. He then brightened up a little and added, "Well, at least I can honestly say you've kept smiling through everything!"

This is true. I have kept smiling, even when I felt like crying, yelling, sulking, snapping, or whining. It felt like the universe was struggling against me this week... I was relatively good-natured about it, figuring it would right itself with a little time, but even today (which I had banked on as a good-day sure-thing) turned out to be fraught with roadblocks. Gah! I've finally decided it's just one of those weeks that you write off, forget, and start again come Monday.

Except that... I have this very awful feeling that next week is going to be a do-over of this one. For starters, I have two days where I'm scheduled to work at 3:30 AM. I don't know... somehow I thought I had given up third shift, but arriving at work at 3:30 AM seems awfully third-shifty to me. Secondly, one of our managers is on vacation this week, which means my usual manager has been pushed to second shift all week, and things just never seem to run quite right when he's absent for longer than a day or so. And lastly, we are starting a brand new promotion at work on Monday, so we will be even busier than normal. I'm no prophet, but this does not seem like a recipe for a good time.

My plans for the weekend? I just returned from a quick errand run, and I now intend to go crawl onto a comfy king-size bed and watch movies with my mom (which is a rare, rare occurrence). I brought home "Boy In The Striped Pajamas" from the library, and on a whim grabbed "Wait Until After Dark" not realizing it was a thriller. All the better. :) Now all I need is a pair of hot mitts to protect my newly DIY-manicured nails and I'm good!

I intend to sleep in tomorrow... heh... and then Maggie and I are going to go explore the county fair with a friend of mine from work. In the afternoon, I have two projects to work on, one for our homeschool co-op and one for work, and I also need to get my act together for my classes on Tuesday (I seem to run through my time way faster than I want to... time to learn to manager my class better).

On Sunday I have church as usual, and in the afternoon I will be delivering promotional materials for work. Sunday afternoon, I have a rehearsal for our church musical program, then I will run, run, RUN home to bed for a few hours of sleep before getting back up again at 2 AM - ugh! - and begin my week again.

I hope that everyone has a terrific weekend and a week that is more restful than mine! :)

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