Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I So Severely Need A Nap... Part II?

Two posts about being tired in a row? Apparently so! :) Suffice to say I love teaching, but Tuesdays are really, really long.

First, a couple of resources... Sarah over at the Chic Mummy blog is offering a special deal for ABCTeach.com membership. I've blogged about how much I love ABCTeach before, and this deal cuts the $40 membership down to $20/year. Worth it. Do it. Let me know how much you love it. :)

Also, I just got an email announcing that Adam Andrews of The Center for Literacy Education is offering free shipping on his worldview supplement curriculum, which will equip you to take your literary criticism to a higher level, answering questions such as, "What does this story say about the nature of man? What sort of a person is God? Can man control his own destiny? What is love? What is beauty? Can we agree with the answers this story gives?" I have it, and I have loaned it out - that's how good it is. It comes with a set of DVD's that demonstrate the use of this supplement. Again, worth it.

As to my life... I've been dealing with some issues and questions in my life lately that have left me, quite frankly, drained. I have finally just come to grips with this and decided that rather than try and push through and accomplish everything, I am just going to try to rework my to-do list to a more realistic scale and take a little extra downtime.

In that spirit, I spent the weekend at home rather than running errands or trying to accomplish everything in sight. Instead, I slept in and spent the day alternately curled up with my sister (who I feel I haven't really 'seen' much lately, due to my crazy work schedule and her multiple appointments) watching Stargate: SG1, spending my small bursts of energy cleaning my room and getting my closet/wardrobe autumnized. I wondered while I was purposefully "wasting time" if I would regret not "cramming" in some more tasks, but in hindsight I am so glad I did. Somehow having my space neat and organized, and being able to tell at an instant what's clean and what's in the laundry makes everything else go so much more smoothly.

The rest of my week's "to do list" includes putting together a care package for a friend, organizing my "Favorites" tab so I can actually locate and use all the resources I've collected, and starting up my reading habit again. I need to remember to feed and rest my soul - I need to be learning and reading, but I feel like I often lose sight of that as a goal in the midst of other things. On the other hand, when my inner self is being taken care of, all the external "tasks" just seem to be so much more manageable. Something to remind myself of.

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