Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I so severely need a nap...

I was lamenting to one of my friends today that though the last three years of being a full-time student were crazy, busy, and hard, I somehow always made it home for an hour-long nap between morning/afternoon classes and evening classes. I miss napping sometimes. :) Today was definitely one of those days where I could have easily snuggled up for a little snooze... but that was completely impossible!

Today was the first day of our church's homeschool co-op. I was (and am!) sooo exited, as this is my only "first day of school" I'll be getting this year.

Although she wouldn't admit it, I think Anna (who was a little nervous about her first day with a teacher she hadn't met) had fun packing our lunches - red pepper vegan hummus from McKay's and veggies for dipping - since, as homeschoolers, we rarely get this pleasure.

Of course, it helped that I tucked in a Peanut Chew bar - the only commercially made candy bar that is milk free! - as a back to school treat.

Ruth was a little jealous. :)

Check out my awesome lunchbag! My best friend, who has gone all creative and artsy on me, designed this bag for my birthday, and I have turned it into my lunchbag as it's just the perfect size for my little bento lunchbox (which I seem to have lost all the little containers out of - boo).

This weekend was really long and busy... you know it's been a long weekend when you're excited about going back to work so you can take it easy! :)

One of the things I love about going back to teaching is the chance to network with other folks who have the same passion for teaching, and the sharing of resources that inevitably follows. I was excited to be able to share some of the treasures I'd found over the summer, like Andrew Adam's Center for Literacy Education and his incredible teaching materials, as well as some terrific thrift-store finds. It's just another reminder that my passion for language and teaching continues regardless of my academic status!

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