Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finding Treasure!

I love thrift shopping. :) I used to say this a little quietly, only to people I was sure also indulged, but I've noticed that some of the gals on some of my fav fashion blogs are listing "thrifted" next to their outfits, so I thought I'd join the proud and the thrifty!

Today I hit my favorite thrift shop, "Hooks & Hangars" in Charlotte Hall. I found quite a cache of finds! (Pardon the poor quality of these photos... I broke my camera this summer so I am relying on my phone, which doesn't quite compare).

I found a peasant-top dress which is really gorgeous (no picture, it can't even begin to show the beautiful autumn colors and print). This will be a great dress to wear with tights when I'm feeling a little lazy. :)

Destined for a care package to my friend Becka is this adorable little makeup case with the motto, "When the going gets tough, the tough get waterproof mascara." :)

Of course, no trip to the thrift store would be complete without books. If this had been a sale day when books are ten cents apiece, I would have come home with many more, but as regular prices applied (fifty cents for a hardcover, twenty-five for a softcover) I limited myself and left behind "Eight Verses Or Less: A Study in Poetry" and a hardcover copy of Lewis' "The Great Divorce" (which would have been my third copy :)). I did, however, pick up this small stack.

I finally have a copy of Shakespeare's Macbeth, Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, a book about C. S. Lewis entitled The Narnia, a new book entitled Praise Her in the Gates, and Among the Hidden and Among the Imposters, both by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

I am excited about this book about Lewis - he is my favorite author and definitely one of my "spiritual parents." I think every Christian (and every non-Christian too!) should have to read Mere Christianity.

I picked up Praise Her in the Gates out of curiousity and began to skim through it this afternoon. I'm impressed! It seems Biblically accurate and is written in a very encouraging tone. If you want this book after I'm done with it, leave me a comment and I'll be glad to send it along!

Ok... I swore this post would not be about books, but one last comment... has anyone read this new series by Margaret Peterson Haddix? I started to read one of these books years ago, but never finished it... rereading it today was jaw-dropping. The storyline revolves around Luke, a "third child" who is a modern-day Moses in a society where only two children are permitted per family. It's a really insightful critique of the direction our culture is headed, but geared for adolescents. I'll definitely be adding this to my "suggested reads" list.

Other things I've found include this awesome pair of leather boots...

...and purses. Lots and lots of purses! :)

One of the most encouraging things I've learned from the thrift store is that there is really no excuse for not dressing modestly and adorably. I found racks and racks of modest, sturdy, and absolutely adorable skirts in a variety of colors, styles, and materials... cardigans in every color... lots of button downs... dresses and jumpers... all for a fraction of the price you'd pay in a store, and lots of higher-end brands. Especially if you are new to dressing femininely or modestly, I'd encourage you to check out the treasures to be found!

And now, just for kicks, is a funny picture of me with my hair all damp and mussed up from my shower, showing off a pair of $5 multi-colored hippie-inspired oversized sunglasses that I bought on a whim while vacationing with my best friend. They make me smile, so I thought I'd pass along the sunshine. :)

In a little while I'm off for a weekend away with my mother's side of the family - I'm just waiting for my fabulous boss to call so I can drop off the kitten on my way out of town. It was the last workday of the week for three of us at the store today... as you can imagine, we were all a bit antsy and ready to let the weekend commence. Lots to get done before next week, but I'm determined to just lay it aside and enjoy the next few days (and the beautiful weather!). Have a great weekend everybody!

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