Wednesday, July 28, 2010

About To Go Home... Or About To Leave Home?

I'm always torn when it comes time to go home... On the one hand, I miss Maggie and Abigail (oh so badly!) and Maryland, but on the other hand, if home is where the heart is then Alabama is at least halfway home. Khy is getting so big so fast, and while I am so grateful that I'm in a place right now where I can get down to see he and Robin somewhat often, it kills me to miss all those little day to day moments. :(

But anyway...

It's been a great week. :) An incredible week, actually. It's been the perfect mix of downtime and adventure and comfortable old routines and change. I'll do a recap post later, but I just wanted to share some highlights from the trip.

The craziest thing we did all week? Well, besides falling down an escalator with the stroller in the aquarium (long story!)... we dyed our hair! I am still amazed that I actually went through with this. But Robin was going to dye her hair the day before I arrived, and then their water went out, so she had to put it off. The next day we were in Target, and I went ahead and bought my own box of dye. Robin went golden-brown, I went with a copper-reddish brown. We're both brunettes by nature, so it wasn't really a big deviation, but Robin ended up with nice golden highlights and I ended up with nice red undertones. We were terrified that we'd do it wrong and our hair would A) turn green or B) fall out, but we followed the directions to the letter and it went just fine. :) I've been so frustrated with my hair lately, with all the heat and humidity lately, it's become ridiculous, but the dye job seem to have plumped out the strands and restored some body and glossiness.

Khy has gotten SO BIG since I've been here last. He's sitting up and reaching for things he wants - mostly everybody's food, lol - and playing with toys, and generally just being a ton of fun. We went swimming with him one day and he had a ball splashing. :) I can't believe how much he's grown since the last time I got to hold him (below).

He loves his Bumbo seat. :) I took about a million pictures of him playing, and I think he got a little annoyed towards the end.

His mama is gorgeous, as always. :) I love watching his eyes light up whenever she comes in the room - my best friend is an incredible mom, just like I knew she would be. :)

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