Sunday, July 4, 2010

On And On And On...

And summer just keeps coming! :)

My family went away for a few days this past weekend, leaving me home with the animals. They got a neighbor's daughter to deal with the chickens, because their care involves a lot of lifting and hefting which I'm just not able to do right now, so I only had to take care of the dog, the cat, the five bunnies, and the two goats. I was looking forward to the time alone, especially since Maggie went down a day later so I only had to spend one night alone in the house. :)

I started off the weekend by bringing home a whole stack of movies from the local RedBox unit, so I had a sort of homemade film festival all weekend. I had forgotten how much I love film - how much I love to analyze it, enjoy the storylines, the cinematography, etc - so it was fun to indulge my hobby for a little while.

I also went to the local bookstore to pick up a book I've been wantingto read... I intended to read it in the pool, but our pool was pretty grimy since Allen (the caretaker) had been gone, so I ended up reading it one night before bedtime.

I also ducked into Old Navy hoping to find a nice layering tank (ribbed, high neckline, etc). I bought two of their "perfect tanks" - one in purple, one in white - on a sale, but I've pretty much decided they're not exactly what I'm looking for - the neckline isn't high enough to make it a good layering style, and the material is just a little too sheer for any other use, but they're perfect sleep tanks, so in that sense it was worth it. Oh, well. I'll keep looking around.

I'm also on the hunt for a new swimsuit. Last year, as I was getting out of class one night, I stopped in at the Target up there and found my current swimsuit on clearance. It fit perfectly, was pretty modest and flattering, and I even thought to myself "I should buy two for when this one falls apart." Of course I didn't, and this week the strap broke and I wish I had. I can fix the strap, but it just kind of made me think it's time I started looking for a new one. *sigh* At least now that I have founda flattering style, I know what to look for, which should help expedite the process.

It's been a really cool and mild week, but it looks like this coming week will be right back to normal - HOT! I'm not gonna lie, I'm not looking forward to it, but it also makes me grateful for my truck's AC unit, which continues to work like a refrigerator - thanks again, Rob!

I hope everyone is staying cool and having fun. Happy Fourth!

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Elizabeth said...

I LOVE having the house to myself!