Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun Stuff

Today Maggie was having friends over, so I helped her fix a special lunch: pasta salad with tons of veggies, oat and chocolate bars, and watermelon spritzer (messy to make but SO GOOD!). When I was done doing that, I went ahead and prepped tonight's dinner, Spicy Moroccan Bread Salad from an old issue of Every Day With Rachel Ray. I sneaked a bite and it is oh so good! :) It's not really spicy, just very earthy with a nice crunch from the celery. Not all of my family likes raisins, so I'm leaving them on the side, but I'll definitely be enjoying them on my portion!

This afternoon I went shopping for the supplies to make lasagna for a friend for co-op who woke up one day last month having suddenly lost the hearing in one ear. This week, my aunt and uncle lost a family member unexpectedly. :( Life is fragile. This sounds a little cruel, but it's really not. Every day is a porcelain vase than could easily be shattered. What a reminder to me to treat every day and every person in my life as the treasure that they are!

In short, the kitchen and I will be spending some quality time together!

Also interesting: last night I was able to do a full workout on my WiiFit without the pain from my hip forcing me to stop - even my yoga routine! I was super excited about this, since I've missed it, and my hip felt great afterwards (I was able to stretch and bend and was completely pain-free!). Then in the middle of the night, I was up for several hours, unable to find a position that didn't cause my hip to protest. I finally was able to go back to sleep, and when I woke up, my hip pain was gone again. So, I'm a little sleepy from the interupted night, but feeling hopeful. :)

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Elizabeth said...

Awww a man in our church just died 30 days after learning he had cancer. He went in for back pain and vomiting and never came out. He was 42 years old with a 3 year old son and they had discussed having another soon. It's hitting everyone pretty hard with the "brevity of life" message.