Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things I Love:

  • Snowy days when you don't have to go anywhere

  • Good customer service representatives

  • Clearance racks

  • Starbucks - especially the one in my area, the employees there are so AMAZING and always remember that my sister is allergic to dairy and how to modify her order

  • The way trees in winter reach for the sky

  • Finding $5 DIY gel nail kits (that don't require UV or LED lights OR special removers - can't wait to try this out later this week with a beautician friend!)

  • Thinking about next Christmas already - I'm going to make an attempt at doing all home/handmade gifts this year, so my goal is to start now and do a few gifts per month to take the stress factor away.

  • Having a running partner - I have two running dates scheduled for this week and I can't wait!

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