Thursday, January 26, 2012

These Are The Good Times

This has been a good week, which is surprising, because so much was stacked against me.

For one thing, it was overcast several days. I hate overcast weather (except when I'm out running, cuz I truly hate running with the sun in my eyes, and sunglasses are just one more thing to wear). For life, I like sun. Even a few hours of sun a day. Luckily, today I was able to catch some rays - of course, it was while I was out running, but I pretty much decided to be thankful about having any sun at all and just deal.

I got to run twice this week with a partner! I like this. Somehow as much as I like the zen aspect of turning up a mp3 player loud and running alone and just enjoying the brain-deadness of it for awhile, there's something really amazing about having a partner. And we made it 2.5 miles on Tuesday and the whole 3 miles today! Felt good.

Okay, it didn't feel good while it was being done.

But it felt good afterwards.


Plus - does it GET any more amazing than this?!?

I SWEAR she was happy (if I'd had more time to take the shot, I would have caught her smiling mouth, but I knew I had 1.5 seconds to take the picture before she refused to pose again).

We got to hang out for about 20 minutes today in my truck while we waited to pick Maggie up from her appointment. Quotes from the day:

Me: *I closed my eyes for a second and leaned against the back of the seat*

Abby: "Sarah, WAKE UP! People sleep in BEDS, not TRUCKS!"

(I thought about explaining to her that trucks actually HAVE beds, but decided not to go there)

Abby: "Sarah, look at the picture I did at school today."

Me: "Abby, that's so gorgeous!"

Abby: "Yeah... it was for you, but it's so pretty, it's for mommy instead." :)

(Abby's coolness heirarchy: Mommy first, Maggie second, Sarah and Daddy somewhere below that lol)

Abby: "I like to sleep in mama's big bed."

Me: "Yeah, but Mommy's going to fix up your new big girl room, and you'll get your own big-girl bed... are you going to sleep in your big girl bed then?"

Abby: "Oh yes... but it's going to take a loooooong time to get my room ready." *smug smile*

I had my first yoga class on Monday - now, granted, I haven't practiced in six months, but I don't remember it being so painful! Not sore muscle painful, or even stiff muscle painful, but shooting-pain-as-if-I'd-bumped-my-funny-bone painful. My wrists and arms were still unhappy the next day. I decided to give them a bit to recover and try again on Monday. :( It may be time to invest in a good, thick mat, or at least a cheap pad to go under my current one.

And speaking of buying things... I went out and bought running/yoga/workout clothes this week. I have now been running consistently for six months, and I had this epiphany this week that having running clothes - not just cobbled-from-pj's-and-sweats clothes - would make my life easier. It took a little hunting, but I now have three shirts and a pair of nice running pants (I want another pair and a pair of long shorts but I can't find exactly what I'm hunting for right now) and I was right, it makes it much easier when I have clothes I can throw in a gym bag and KNOW will fit and work. :)

Lest you think that my whole life is about exercising (hah!), let me assure you there's quite a bit of eating going on, too. Like a birthday girl's-night-out to Red Robin with Ruth, who turned 12 today.

So, my running partner/friend and I were talking today about doing an "indefinitely single and completely happy" girl's date instead of our run on Valentine's Day. Pedicures or manicures, chocolate, and coffee were mentioned as part of this date. Is it totally lame that I immediately started thinking about what sort of manicure I wanted? I bought a copy Seventeen later that day, and inside the front cover, I found the cutest nail polish ever.

Yes, those are little hearts floating around in glittry nail polish. Too much? Probably. Totally fun? Oh, yes... :)

This weekend is going to be crazy and I'm regretting it a little already. I've been exhausted all week - it seems like no matter how early I go to bed, I still wake up tired. I suspect this has to do with the waxing moon (somehow the increased light at night messes with my sleep). What I really want to do is to take a long hot bath with some nice-smelling bubbles, crawl into some comfy pajamas and then into bed, and not get out of either all weekend. In reality, I have to get the kids to do some schoolwork tomorrow (while the school routing is getting better, this last week has had holes), have a literature discussion circle with the twins, run errands for Ruth's birthday party, clean the house for Ruth's birthday party, cook food for Ruth's birthday party, decorate for Ruth's birthday party, go to running class, find a minute to wrap birthday presents for assorted people and get Khy's present in the mail, make a trip to Sears to return an order from Lands End, and also try to put away some laundry so that my clean clothes don't end up in a heap with my dirty ones.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

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