Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do you know what this means?

Another hint? Okay...

You're getting closer...

That's right! It's SUMMER! :)

Okay. It isn't actually summer. Apparently summer doesn't start until June 20th. ??? Yeah, right. Memorial Day was yesterday, Abby is out of school, the pools are opened - as far as I'm concerned, my amazing, awesome summer starts RIGHT NOW.

Luckily, I have newly pedicured feet. Bring on sandal weather!

Today was our first pool day.

New Ariel swimsuit? Check! :)

We were originally going to go up to Calvert County to go to an indoor pool, but I'm so glad we ended up going to a friend of Bean's instead. The weather was gorgeous! And the pool/deck was luscious. I think I could have stayed there all day. :)

The girls are so independent in the water now. It's nice, but it also just underscores for me how darn fast they're growing up!

I'm sure that by the time this summer is over, between our own frequent swims and two weeks of swimming lessons, Abigail will be swimming on her own. She's thisclose already.

It was amazingly relaxing to watch the girls splash around as Bean and I sat on the steps, enjoying the water.

Gorgeous mama and little man!

I'm impressed that these pictures came out at all, cuz I was totally shooting blind - it was so bright!

Moving on...

I'm excited for this summer. Going to Alabama was good for me - I feel inspired again, refreshed, renewed. I want to try new things, explore new places, be open to new experiences. Be impulsive. Need less sleep. Roll with the punches. Let things go, because really, I'm stronger that that. Remind people how much I love them. Just do it. Pare down; need less.

It's gonna be an amazing summer.

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