Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adventures in Alabama, Part 2

On Sunday morning, we all got up and got ready to to go to church (by way of Starbucks, of course :)). After the morning service, we made a quick stop at WalMart for some groceries and then met Joe at the house for a birthday cookout!

Let me just say: this man can grill. Also, I miss charcoal grills. Gas grills just aren't the same.


 Joe got the grill going while I made an egg and dairy free cake. Maggie has made this cake many times and it's always been moist and perfect. The recipe is simple: favorite cake mix, can of soda (we usually use Dr. Pepper), mix together, bake according to instructions. Amazing.

Of course, I being me, I managed to goof it.


In the end, I just heated the frosting in the microwave and poured it over in a resigned effort to make something edible, lol. It was still good, even in crumpled form. 

I may have been slightly distracted by these amazing chips, which I have discovered are just not to be had here in the North. Believe me, I've checked. If anyone I know goes down South and doesn't bring me back a bag, I will never speak to them again. :)

Of course, my favorite part was getting to chill with this little guy while we waited for everything to be done.

I was amazed at how chill Khy was about us being there. No shyness or anything. :) I can't wait until he gets old enough to remember me from visit to visit. 

  Something else Joe introduced me to, for which I might never forgive him :): Conecuh Sausages. I cannot tell you how many times since I got back that I've sat down and yearned for a Conecuh sausage, also not available in my part of the USA (I checked). Next time I go down South, I'm sooo bringing back a suitcasefull with me.

We gals were going out for a Girl's Night Out that evening, so we had resolved not to eat much at lunch, a resolution which quickly went out the window. :) A few hours after lunch, we all got dolled up to go meet Tanya for dinner at Bridge Street.

Robin and I were both wearing long maxi-dresses, and her sister Rachel found Maggie a maxi-dress in her own closet, so we all got to match! :)

We asked Rae to take a few pictures.  


Of course, she had to "test" my camera. :)

On our way!

Bridge Street is one of my favorite places in Alabama. It's amazing, bright, clean, and is perfect for strolling. Also, it's where the Monaco is located, and I happen to adore that theater. :)

 We met Tanya at Cantina Laredo. Since we were still getting over lunch, Maggie and I decided to split some appetizers - an Ensalada de Cameron con Miel, and some amazing ceviche.

So good! Scallops, shrimp, fish, capers, olives, etc. Definitely something I'll be getting again.

After dinner, we walked around Bridge Street, showing Maggie all the sights.

We tried to get Maggie to do some artsy poses. :)  

  I love the water! So peaceful.


The sunset was just gorgeous.

 Even though it wasn't running, the carousel next door was beautiful.

I had to take a picture of this tiger for Abigail. :)

We also walked up by the Monaco and showed Maggie the fountain.

We also took advantage of the streetlights and had a crazy silly photo session.

Then we went off on a walk around the lake.


The lights of Bridge Street across the water - love it!

After Tanya had to go home, Robin and I wanted to show Maggie Big Spring Park, (more info here) so we called Joe to meet us there.

 Under the bridge alongside the canals.

 Beautiful couple!

After walking the park, we sat in the back of Joe's pickup and visited for awhile before finally heading home. :)

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