Monday, October 21, 2013


- It's Monday, and after I dropped Abby off at school and ran some quick errands, I came home to clean. Except that I forgot to turn on the hot water heater before I left, so as I was waiting for it to heat, I lay down on my couch with a book, and may have fallen asleep and taken a nap. Which probably means I won't fall asleep at a decent hour tonight, but it felt so good it might have been worth it.

- Funny/pathetic story: one of those errands was going to Wal-Mart to buy rat food (because I'm totally out). I went inside, remembered I was going to make beef vegetable soup in the crockpot, detoured through the grocery section to pick up mixed vegetables and beef stock, remembered I wanted to get my BFF a candle, and then thought I'd pick up a toy for Khy-bear, and basically $10 later I walked out of Wal-Mart... without rat foot. So now I have to go to swim class early so I can stop and buy some.

- But, I have a crockpot full of beef veggie soup simmering away waiting for dinner tonight! Nothing fancy - just a leftover hunk of steak I didn't end up cooking this weekend, some frozen veggies, and a couple of potatoes that were about to start a colony in my pantry - but it smells so good. I love the cold weather. :)

- This week Anna scored a free table at the flea market up the street, and I managed to stitch up a bunch of new cozies to send with her - this time lots of embellished ones (pumpkins, Christmas themed, etc). I had my best day so far and made enough money to refill my propane tank! Lol. :) We have a bit of a lull for the next couple of weeks until our next fair November 16th, and I'm hoping to have a ton more designs completed by then and maybe make some extra Christmas money. I'm also thinking about rebooting my Etsy gift shop and selling there, too. Anything to make a few extra dollars, people! :)

- This Saturday my friend Crisy and I took her niece and Ruth to the corn maze. I love the corn maze - it's one of my favorite Fall activities! - and I almost cried when we discovered it was closed because of the drizzly weather. !!! Luckily it reopened after a bit, so we were able to get lost (in both "legs" of the maze, lol), and in the meantime while we were waiting, we wandered around the humongous pumpkin patch. I swear that something in my brain is wired weirdly, because as soon as I see a big orange pumpkin, I become instantly, irresistibly happy. Like, I was skipping through the patch babbling like an idiot, "Look at these beautiful pumpkins! Look how orange they are! Isn't that one pretty? Oh, that one's my favorite! I WANT TO TAKE THEM ALL HOME WITH ME!" Yeah. I'm weird.
After we ran the maze, we took the kids for dinner, and then ducked in to get a cup of coffee at the little coffeeshop across the street. And noticed that they had crayons, colored pencils, paint and paintbrushes, and lots of coloring pages set out, so we might have sat down and each created a masterpiece before leaving. Good times. :)

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