Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Mishmash

- I just got an email from the director of the swim program I teach through; he forwarded me an email that one of my students' parents had sent him. I admit that my first reaction was "Oi," (because, parents, you know it's true - you totally let us know when you think we've screwed up, but you're not always so quick on the draw to praise when we get it right :) ) but instead, it was an amazing email letting him know that she was renewing her daughter's enrollment in the program because she was so pleased with the way I was teaching, and how much her daughter loved me, and how much she'd learned, etc, etc, etc. It totally made my day. (Made me look great in front of the boss, too, right? That never hurts lol!)

- Speaking of swimming... you wanna know what my biggest pet peeve is? When moms with little boys bring them into the women's locker room. And I'm not talking about toddlers - I mean kids as old as 6, 7, or 8! Especially when the moms don't keep tabs on them and let them misbehave, like pulling back shower curtains or peeking into bathroom stalls or be otherwise inconsiderate. I understand being protective, but seriously, people? Bathe your children at home then!!! #grumpy

- Allen's been spending a bunch of time over at my house recently, watching Stargate and playing with the girls and just hanging out. I swear it's true - Zinnia adores him. She thinks playing with Uncle Allen is just the collest thing ever. The problem is that sometimes Uncle Allen needs a break, and Zinnia doesn't. This hasn't really been a problem before, since she hasn't been able to access the top of the couch, but with her recent growth spurt, it's been almost impossible to keep her off it. Well, Allen got tired of playing and laid down on the couch; Zinnia bounced up to join him, and Allen picked her up, told her "No," and kinda-sorta-not-really-but-maybe-a-little (gently) "tossed" her onto the floor. (I say tossed because I'm not really sure what you'd call it - it wasn't malicious, and she was in no danger; it was more like when we play rat catapault, which Zin loves (let the rat climb up on your foot, then give them a gentle bounce).) Rats are kind of like cats, they always land on their feet. And my floor is carpeted. So, Zinnia landed, paused for half a second, and immediately bounces back up on the couch, where Allen repeats "No" and gives her another toss. After he'd done this about five times, I pointed out that I was pretty sure Zinnia thought they'd just invented the best. game. ever. Sure enough, Zinnia would run up on the couch and stand there, quivering with excitement, waiting to fly again. #Fail.

- Speaking of #fail - so yesterday I was at church, and I walked up to my family's pew, behind my brother, and I was thinking what a nice sweater he was wearing, and how tall he's gotten, and feeling kind of sentimental, and I went to give him a big hug...
... and then he turned around, and it was my friend's fiance. O.o

- Christmas cantata practice is going great. I'm having fun, I think the actors are having fun, and I lovelovelove the themes we're developing. All these lovely facets of redemption and forgiveness, restoration and brokenness, and the way God's love pursues us even when we turn our back on Him. It's pretty beautiful.
This is not so different from directing the comedies I've done in the past, except, it is. Yesterday kind of drove that home for me - we were rehearsing a scene with "Mary," the mom of the wayward son, and it's really a point in the drama where God is shutting a lot of doors as she searches for him, and I asked her to give me that sense of despair and isolation. And she did. And it was hard to watch. I felt kind of guilty, actually, cuz I remember how, in previous dramas, when I opened myself up to showing that kind of deep emotion, even though it wasn't "real," I was kind of raw afterwards and needed some space and time. I'm praying for my actors, who are working so hard and doing so well. :)

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