Thursday, July 23, 2015


- Yesterday when I arrived at the pool, they were letting the summer camp kids swim. I find this annoying, even if I concede their right to be there; it means I have to wait until my classes are supposed to be starting to put in the lane lines, and then it's a mad scramble to get everyone sorted out to where they're supposed to go while also getting everything set up so we have a place to put them (my coaches have been awesome about pitching in and helping out, though, which has kept my stress level pretty minimal.) (And yesterday the camp counselors got their signals crossed, and brought the last group in to swim just as my classes were starting, and when the lifeguard told them that we had the pool at that time, I got sworn at by a lot of ticked-off middle schoolers.)
But since most of us arrive early to set up, when we can't do so, we all generally cross the deck to the other pool and play around until we can. Ruth has been hitting up Connor for free coaching, Elena is still determined to win at least one race from Connor, and I prefer the cooler temperature if the water for swimming laps.
Yesterday, through, Connor demonstrated a "suicide turn" for Ruth, and I was intrigued. I had him show me a couple of times, then tried it for myself a couple of time just to see if I could do it. Fifteen minutes later I could, albeit slowly and awkwardly and with a lot of laughs at myself. And then I got out of the pool and I immediately felt like someone had beaten my brains with a whisk as I staggered around deck looking drunk. Connor immediately realized his mistake and apologized for not warning me in advance. Personally, I thought it was pretty funny. ;) Two hours later I still felt a little addled!

- There was a wasp in my bed last night! I thought I felt something crawling on me, and it stung me as I flung it off my arm and against the wall, then scrambled around in the darkness (without my contacts or glasses) to squash it. There wasn't as much pain as I expected, and almost no swelling, so I took some benadryl and event back to bed (after stripping and remaking the bed. Because yeah). This morning when I woke up every join in my body was killing me. :( It's a reaction several of my family members have had before, but one that I'd never experienced (and hope not to again!). I can't take benadryl during the day, so I'm trying ibuprofen (which seems to help with everything except my left hand/arm, which makes sense, since that's where I lot stung). And a wrist brace. Hopefully by tomorrow it will have worked its way out of my system.

- Last night after swim I drove over to Solomon's Island to meet Cris for dinner. We sat on the back deck of one of my favorite seafood places, picked crab, and talked about everything under the sun, then walked around the island until well after dark, looking at houses and dreaming about what kind of house we'd build with unlimited funds lol (although tempted by a couple of incredibly beautiful plans, we both agreed that small is more appealing, at least at this stage in life). We also snuck onto the boatyard to look at all the different boats and dream a little about what it would be like to be liveaboards. ;)

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