Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Morning Randomizer

- This (just in case, like me, you made it through the weekend unaware of #deadracoonTO). You're welcome.

- I have been doing okay at keeping my house cleanish. If that sounds like a very unimpressive goal, I'm okay with that. I've stayed on top of laundry, dishes, and clutter (well... kept the clutter down to a minimum?) and that's about all I'm asking of myself lately. The place is due for a deep cleaning very soon, and I also want to get started repainting. Maybe this weekend.

- It was haircut day for the girls today; I kept more of my length than I did last time but I'm hoping it will be a little more manageable. Between Abigail, triplets, and swim class I'm in and out of the pool usually a couple of times a day, and I've mostly just been letting the hair do whatever it wants. I tie it up when I'm teaching, but that's about it.

- Speaking of swim, Maggie and I hit the Lands End sale and ordered rash guards. I figure that I replace everything I wear regularly about every three months or so, more often during the winter when I'm swimming laps for exercise. This time, I snagged one of my  favorite "surfer" styles that I've been wearing all spring and summer with my favorite board shorts (but they were out of black - boo!) and one "swim tunic" that I've liked every time I tried it on, but never wanted to spend $60 on (but was willing to spend $20 on!). I'm still hoping to get a swim tee style when they go on sale (probably this one). And on a whim this weekend I ducked into Kohls and found the last pair of board shorts in my size on a great sale, so I bought them, too (I'm thinking ahead to winter when I'll have to mail-order any swimwear I want). I love these shorts - they're great for swimming but comfortable for wearing and they dry super-fast, so I can wear them home from the pool when I don't have time to change with the triplets, since I'm hoping to keep swimming with them all winter.

- Speaking of the triplets and swimming: they're so close to doggy paddling! I don't know if I'm heartbroken or excited lol. I had them all floating and blowing bubbles and then over the Fourth of July weekend their parents bought them puddlejumpers, and sure enough, next time we went to the beach they held their heads up and paddled with their hands. (This. THIS is why I hate puddlejumpers!) I'm hoping this doesn't undo their willingness to put their faces in the water. I'm guessing not, since Lucy and Miles spent most of our pool day on Friday jumping off the diving board. ;)

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