Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Morning Randomizer

- So my kid swam SO WELL and I am incredibly proud of him. Honestly, I was not expecting a lot since he's only been training with the team for about a month, but he was just fantastic and I was so impressed. :) One of the things that made me the proudest is that instead of letting his technique go to crap while trying to go fast (which is something I've been on him for a lot), he was really consistent the whole time. I told him afterwards how proud that made me, and he said his coach told him the same thing, too and "I should have listened to you." ;) Good lesson! His mom was really kind and told me how much of an impact our program has had on my little guy (and his sister, who also swam with us before swim team). I am so honored, and so blessed.
- And while I was there mostly to see his swim debut, I couldn't help but notice a lot of my other former students swimming. I counted nine kids on the team that I've personally taught at one point! (There are more that have graduated from our program, but not that I've worked with.) It was a nice visual picture of happy, successful kids. :)
- I went on a mad cleaning rampage tonight and I finally cleaned off the kitchen table!!! Granted, a lot of stuff got moved to the Couch of Shame (doesn't anyone else have a sofa completely covered in clutter that needs to be sorted?) but that's a project for another day. I also flew through the rest of the place and I'm happy to say it's cleaner now than it has been in WEEKS. Also, I unpacked my fall/winter clothes and stored away the summer clothes, and I also put together a big bag of things destined for the thrift store. Which is good, because I didn't accomplish anything else on my to do list.
- Happy Monday! In the last couple of weeks, Mondays have become my favorite days of the week. I love that practically the first thing I get to do each week is teach. :) And I love the little bit of time between dropping Abby at school and class; I grab a cup of coffee and get 10-15 minutes to sit quietly in my car under a shady tree before heading in to the pool. It's a nice little ritual that I'm loving.

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