Monday, September 14, 2015


- Eating seared tuna from the grill; drinking iced coffee, hot apple cider, a flat white with cinnamon syrup; baking (and eating!) banana bread.

- Wasting time drinking tea and watching shark movies on Maggie's bed; stealing a nap (but of course); watching Doctor Who (season three, the Martha episodes); getting a haircut (just a trim); spending some time snuggling with Zinnia.

- Burning fall candles: "Fresh Apple Orchard," "Crisp Fall Leaves," and "Woodland Sage." Also burning my silver birch candle for a few minutes each night before bed.

- Attacking projects: hanging pictures from this summer (98 of them!); finally buying a can of refrigerant to recharge the a/c in the truck (hopefully last time this year!); cleaning enough to keep the place habitable (though I STILL haven't unearthed my kitchen table); decorating my pumpkin.

-  Writing: an initial training plan for next year (while this year is still fresh in my mind);  a just-because card to Anna; blog posts. ;)

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