Thursday, September 17, 2015


- Today was: a long day, in which I mostly failed at adulting. Locked my keys in the truck on my way to work, wrote a stupid email because I can't communicate before I've had coffee, forgot to pick up both my paychecks. Got up way too early because I swear my brain was just waiting for enough sleep to turn on again. I woke up thinking about my advanced swim class and two drills I really need to remember to do on Monday. (Brains should come with on/off switches; it would save on coffee and lost sleep.) Between all this (and throw in a crying kid who needed some one-on-one for good measure), by the time classes ended tonight it was physically painful to be awake.

- Frustrated by: my stupid ears, specifically the fact that I can barely hear the advanced coach when he talks to me on deck. I was trying to pick his brain today on some ideas for one of my kids, and I only got about every other word. Something about guys voices in that range (I have the same problem with my boss) combined with the echoey quality of the pool just make me want to give up trying to hear anybody clearly. (Darn you, eardrum scar tissue!!!) Clearly I should only work with guys who have bass voices. Problem solved.

- My to do list: get a spare set of keys for my wallet (ha!); clean the girls cage; excavate my kitchen table; recharge the a/c in the truck with the can of refrigerant I bought LAST WEEK.

- Looking forward to: watching one of my kids (and his sister, who has been on the swim team for over a year now but still considers herself one of my kids, apparently) swim in his first meet this weekend (so proud of him!); a day off tomorrow (rare and unexpected and YAY!); Artsfest on Sunday (pen of my favorite things!); getting a whole day with Abby next week (about time!).

- Laughing at: this picture that Anna posted after her dorm fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate at 2:30 AM. (Apparently it's "that sort of day" her way, too.)

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