Sunday, October 18, 2015

Life, Lately

- Thinking about: the "catch" part of the freestyle pull - it's a concept I struggle with (both the "doing" and the "teaching" part) but I've been collecting a lot of exercises about it lately and putting them into practice (again, both in my own practice and in my classes) and I can feel/see them working. Maybe the light is starting to shine a bit?

- Remembering: how much fun we had at the pool with the triplets on Friday. I showered everyone there, so when we got home (way, way late for us) I just fed them dinner and we snuggled on the couch together until bedtime. :)

- Listening to: an old Go Fish album I found rattling around while cleaning this weekend (and only just realizing, after years of being pretty fond of their sound, that it's meant to be kid's music. Go figure). More talks by Steve Haufler (I've fallen asleep three times this week trying to finish it. It's not that it's boring (Steve Haufler never is!) but I'm exhausted!).

- Reading: Hidden Things. I've been craving a good read lately, an inky escape, if you will, but I was reluctant to go out and hunt for a novel to read since I've been disappointed a lot lately. Then I was at the dollar store and swung through the book section, no expecting much (since, you know, the kind of books at the dollar store are usually there for a reason, coughcough). I picked it up, read the first two pages, fell in love hard. I read it slowly for a few days, reluctant for it to end too quickly, and then on Saturday morning I gave in and finished it all in one fell swoop. And bawled. And it went straight to my "favorite books" list. So hauntingly beautiful, so amazing. If you've ever struggled with change, or found yourself reframing your life after loss, this book will echo with you. I'm devastated that the author hasn't written anything else! Go. Get a copy. Read it.

- Watching: the swim meet at the college. I wanted to make it down early and see some of my former students swim, but life got in the way and by the time I made it down, it was all older kids (who are still fun to watch, but not my kids). Depending on how tomorrow goes, I might get to duck in for a bit before work.

- Working on: getting my master list updated. (When did I let the record-keeping get so far behind? Grr...) Writing down things I need to remember next year. Trying to get the laundry situation under control. I should also clean the house. Bleh.

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