Wednesday, October 14, 2015


- Staying up way too late watching swim videos on YouTube. Discovering that GoSwim has a channel with so many good clips, I could cry with joy. (I strongly suspect that my boss knew this and just never told me about it. :/). Setting up an Instagram account for my coaches and feeling the pressure to record some video to get up there. Tearing the place apart looking for my Steve Haufler "Positioning Techniques" DVD and coming up empty - where the heck could it have gone?! (Did I lend it to someone?) Inventing a new game to teach breaststroke with my advanced class on Monday. Starting a journal to keep track of my advanced class lesson plans. Spending a couple more hours adding things to the training materials I started at the beginning of the season.

This post really wasn't going to be all about swim. Let's see, what else...

- Trying the new Jamaican restaurant with dad because there were not one but two accidents last night that shut down both roads home, so we were stranded in town. We had goat, it was amazing, I don't think he enjoyed it as much as I did, and I can't wait to take Maggie.

- Thinking about how amazingly low-key this week has been, between my 3 day weekend off (!!!) and not having to teach on Tuesday. I'm almost at loose ends, I don't know that to do with myself.

- Planning on: running errands tomorrow (dump, fill propane tanks, go to the post office). Going to the swim meet on Saturday. Taking the triplets to the pool on Friday with Maggie. Making a big batch of bath paint and letting the kids go crazy on Sunday night (I always try to do something special with them if I have to work Sundays).

- Eating a burger with Maggie. Shrimp and quinoa salad (lunch yesterday). Cottage cheese with apple butter. Drinking a lot of Red Bull lately (I was so tired by the time that Thursday rolled around last week, I grabbed one on my way to swim just to survive. My boss came up behind me to say hi an hour later, and I just about jumped out of my skin. No more caffeine on deck!).

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