Sunday, January 22, 2017


Reading/listening to/watching: listened and finished "The Killing Season" and started "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver. Read (and finished) "The Things We Wish Were True". Read (and finished) "A Quiet Life In The Country" by T E Kinsey (complete fluff, but completely enjoyable angliophilic fluff!) and downloaded the next in the series for later. Started J.R.R. Tolkien's "Letters From Father Christmas" and enjoyed it so much I decided to order a hardcopy to keep (and will most likely gift several copies next Christmas, as well). It loses something in digital format. Read and finished "Maude" by Donna Mabry, by total coincidence, on the day of the woman's march, which was at once a heartbreaking and encouraging perspective - so sad to see how much talent has been wasted by society's devaluation of women, but wonderful to see how far we've come (even if we're definitely not there yet!).

Eating: nothing exciting. Yogurt and fruit (even though I'm trying to cut down on dairy, I feel good on days when I eat it so I'm not too worried). Apples (I wanted some honeycrisp but they were $2.69/pound - not in the budget with my hours slashed at work - so I compromised with some fujis. I forgot how much I like apples). Still religiously drinking kombucha and taking apple cider vinegar and coconut oil and I'm still feeling good. Trying to eat more leafy greens. Keep trying to remember to buy oranges. I found a weird nitrogen - infused coffee at Target last night and Maggie and I tried it this morning; it came in a sofa can, and the directions said to shake it and then pour it. It was too acidic for me to really enjoy (although Maggie liked it) but it was sort of fun as an experience. ;) Sous vide egg bites on the Starbucks patio as a late brunch with my dad.

Celebrating: the triplet's fourth birthday. A little mournful because they're getting SO BIG and I remember when they were still my tiny babies and I rocked them to sleep every night and sang them each their own lullaby song, but I do dearly love watching them become their own people, too. I took them out to lunch at CFA and baked them 2 dairy and gluten free cakes for their party (as the family is trying to go df/gf) as well as frosting and felt extremely accomplished.

Accomplishing: doing okay at keeping the house cleanish (#unimpressivegoals). Interviewed a new coach, which is awesome because we're approaching maxed out and I need some spare hands. Need to accomplish laundry. Made taco meat in the crockpot to freeze for easy lunches.

Happy about: the thank-you note Mags and I got in the mail from Q (3 years old). Maggie called to read me the note while I was still at work, stressing over non - dairy frosting that wasn't turning out at all, and our conversation went like this:
Maggie: It says, "Dear Sarah and Maggie, I love you! I love the book! Goodbye! Get me a tomato for next Christmas!"
Long pause.
Me: You're sure it says tomato?
Maggie: Positive.
Me: You're sure you're not misreading it?
Maggie: It's very clear. Tomato.
Upon hearing this, I laughed until I cried, bent over in the kitchen while the mixer beat my poor sad failing frosting over my head. A moment later DB got home from work and wanted to know what was so funny. I relayed the story and he died, too. ;) (For the record, I went over to see the note when I got home, and it does VERY CLEARLY say tomato. I can't wait to hear the story! )

Looking forward to: warmer weather. My hours at work going back to normal (bleh).

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