Sunday, January 1, 2017

Winter Bucket List 2017

*1. Go to bed early
*2. Go stargazing
*3. Start a reading list - one fiction book (Audible), one nonfiction (Amazon Prime Reader) each month
*4. Clean out and wash the car
*5. Go see a movie
*6. Go to the theater
*7. Walk on the beach
*8. Drink kombucha
*9. Get my contact prescription updated
*10. Mini road trip with Cris and Mags
*11. Try a Cascara latte
*12. Have a photo shoot with the kids
13. Finish the backsplash
*14. Make soup in the crockpot
*15. Order a new essential oil
*16. Celebrate Valentine's Day
*17. Try a new recipe
*18. Have friends over
*19. Send a care package to the college siblings
*20. Tell someone something important
*21. Meet with friends
22. Get a pedicure

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