Friday, January 6, 2017

Life, Lately

Accomplishing: a good cleaning/organizing/decluttering from one end of the trailer to the next, every square inch, including storage compartments (it took a little over eight hours as opposed to the weeks it took me this summer when I got rid of 40% of my belongings. Took two trash bags to the thrift store, which I thought was pretty decent). Did a ton of cooking and put away a freezer full of meals for easy to grab lunches - barbecue chicken with potatoes, shredded plain chicken, ham and beans, ham soup, quinoa, and Indian butter chicken. Hung my magnetic knife rack (what, six months after I bought it?). Went to Ikea to buy a sofa after mine broke last month, wasn't impressed with the one I'd picked out online, and went home empty handed to keep saving for a (much more expensive) one I fell in love with. Need to accomplish some laundry before I run out of clothes. Still working on a new budget for this year. Working on skits for Cris.

Eating/drinking: kombucha, apple cider vinegar, green juice (and starting to feel really good, better than I've felt in MONTHS). Bought some bone broth that I'll start drinking tomorrow (it's supposed to be amazing for healing your gut!). A Cascara latte from Starbucks (I liked it, but then I've always liked fruity coffees). Hot chocolate with marshmallows instead of my usual coffee. Chocolate tomatoes I brought home from Wegmans (oh, Wegmans, how I love thee!). Sushi with Mags and Cris.

Diffusing: my new favorite blend - bergamot, black pepper, and orange. I put away the pine oil for next year. I added a few drops of peppermint oil to my facial moisturizer and my dry flaky skin has disappeared.

Reading/listening/Watching: The Last Battle by CS Lewis, read by Patrick Stewart (and chosen mostly for that reason). The Art of Work by Jeff Goins. The Librarians series that I liked so much,  I pre-ordered the newest season. ;)

Enjoying: sleeping in and taking naps (don't hate me). Spending time with siblings when they were home from college, especially my future brother in law. Lots of downtime to putter and accomplish and think. Being snowed in with no place I have to go. Swims at the local pool with Ruth, who never ceases to surprise me. :)

Looking forward to: spring (already). The triplets and M coming home this week (I miss my kiddos!). Swim starting up again. Getting back into the normal routine of life.

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