Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Odds 'n Ends

I've missed a post! And a Friday Update! And I didn't post to Girl In Skirt last week... so what have I been doing?

Well, I'm getting used to my new routine, even though it doesn't feel "routine" yet, lol. However, I'm enjoying my new role as nanny and I expect it will soon feel like I've been doing this forever. :)

I am still teaching at the church homeschool co-op. In literature/composition class right now, we're two chapters into Animal Farm and we seem to be back into our groove (we all seemed to be out of sorts when the semester started... don't know if it was just the post-holiday letdown, the weather, or what. But it's better now). Lots of opportunities in that book for great discussion and debate; I have an incredible group this year (of course, I say that every year) and I am realizing more than ever how much I as a teacher learn from my students. I have several extremely bright students this year who are also very detail oriented; at the beginning of the semester, they would be obsessing over a small point or choice of words that I saw as inconsequential, and I would get frustrated because I wanted them to let it go and see the bigger picture. I realized quickly - lol, I'm learning fast! - that this was a chance to sit back and be taught. I am so glad I did! I'm not detail oriented in the least, so this is a chance to learn.

In film class, we've now entered our film-making period. We've finished planning out our first project, a short involving a short stop-motion sequence, and begun storyboarding our stop-motion sequence. I'm a little itchy to get started actually filming, but I know all this planning will keep us on track!

I've also taken over the schooling for the twins, as Mom spends the majority of her time shuttling Maggie to her appointments with her occupational therapist, chiropractor, various doctors, etc. This is the third week of our official semester since we took a long winter break, and we're still having a little bit of trouble getting everything done (read: if I'm not there to tell them to do schoolwork, it doesn't seem to get done, lol). I am trying to buckle down this week and be a Hitler... not much fun, but hopefully once we're all back into our groove I can return to my former role as learning-instigator. :) I am trying to enjoy the rest of the semester, as I know the summer will be full of curriculum-hunting, curriculum writing, and lesson-plan making. :) In the meantime, I'm accepting suggestions for all curriculums, all subjects.

We have way too much snow here... I realize now how much snow is a child's thing - this is the first year I've wished the snow away just so I wouldn't have to think so hard about getting from point A to point B. My uncle and grandfather conspired to drive me to work and back on Monday since my uncle's driveway was impassable for my small truck. I was hoping that by today everything would be back to normal - but we're supposed to get MORE snow tonight! Sheesh! and I tried to use my sister's sedan to take her to voice lessons, and couldn't make it up the hill in the snow. Luckily my dad came along just then - but it still took him fifteen minutes and many tries! My uncle is supposed to call me tonight and we'll get a plan together for tomorrow. Snow, snow, go away, come again - next year! :)

I hope you're all staying warm and cozy!

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