Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Khy!

I mentioned before that my best friend was expecting her first baby. Well, due to complications, the decision was made to induce labor, and yesterday Khy Christopher entered the world at 19" long and weighing 5 pounds, 6 ounces. The delivery was smooth and quick (thank God!) and mommy and baby are doing fine. Robin is a trooper and texted and Facebooked throughout labor. :) I was thrilled to get photos on my phone just after he was born.

I am almost as besotted with this boy as his family... I keep taking "Khy picture breaks" throughout the day to look at his pictures and marvel over what an incredibly precious baby he is. All babies are miracles... but this little guy is especially precious to me.

I had fun picking out flowers to send. Isn't technology incredible?!? Even though I'm stuck here in Maryland, snowed in up to my neck (ok, slight exaggeration) I still got to be included in this incredible event.
I hope to get down to Alabama soon to meet Khy in person and see my best friend... now a mommy! :)
In other news, the snow keeps coming, and I am dreaming of beaches, hot sand, and blue water. I love winter, but this is a bit much. I've had to be ferried to work several times now by family members with 4-wheel-drive vehicles, and today my aunt called to say she just wasn't going out in the snow, period. Tomorrow's workday has already been declared a 4-hour delay, but there is a distinct possibility that it may get canceled altogether. I long to make it out my driveway. I swear I will never take running errands for granted again - even small things like picking up milk, cashing a check, or picking up supplies (three things I need very badly to do but probably won't be able to until next week, unless we get more snow... then give it up). Right now I am praying that the snow gets reduced to a manageable level by Friday so I can make the weekend productive... and before I DIE of cabin fever!

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The Real Me said...

Beautiful baby boy! congrats to the new family!