Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thrift Store Fun

We've had way too much snow this winter... we had a huge snowstorm earlier in the season with over 20" of snow, and I enjoyed it a lot. Mostly because I had just quit my old job and I hadn't started my new one, and I had nothing to do but sit by the fire and crochet. Now it's a little different; I have places to be, and the snow is quite a bit less magical.

On Monday, my uncle and grandfather arranged for me to be picked up and delivered to work, then home again that afternoon. Last night my uncle called to tell me that they thought the road would be passable, but since we were supposed to get even more snow that night, if I had any qualms in the morning, I could call my grandfather and get a ride.

I was dreading the ride in this morning, but it wasn't bad despite the fresh snowfall. The snow was the best kind - crunchy and wet - and even though I was a bit freaked out by it, it didn't give me any issues.

My view this morning.

Today was the first day I struggled with cabin fever... I was cooped up all weekend because the roads were impassable, and I'm going a little stir-crazy. Abigail was wakeful and cheery, so I thought we'd take a little field trip, and we drove up to meet Mom and the kids at our local thrift store.

I LOVE thrift stores! They're a great way to spice up a wardrobe on the cheap. Today's find was a silver star anklet (not pictured) and this incredible yellow studded bag.

I've never liked studs before, but I've seen so many neat studded pieces over the last few months, and they've begun to grow on me. I'm also coming around to this mustard-yellow color... I detested it mightily when I first saw it, but I'm slowly coming around.

Check out this stud action!

After our shopping, Mom and I took all the kids to Burger King - don't worry, hamburgers for the kids but apple dippers for Abigail! :) - to play on the indoor playplace. It was a nice way to chase the winter blues away!


The Real Me said...

Great finds! I'm envious of your snow, but we actually had a tiny bit this past weekend and the forecast says maybe more this Saturday.

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