Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Odds and Ends

I swear I'm going to get back into writing topical posts, lol!

Yoga is going great - in fact, my classes have become the highlight of my week! Last night we worked on "chaturanga", the "four limbed staff" pose. We've been doing the "knees chest chin" pose ever since class one, so this was the next step. We used straps tied in a loop around our elbows to help stabilize us - this was only partially effective. :) About two-thirds of us thought we were doing it exactly the way the instructor was, then fell flat on our faces on the mats. There was lots of laughter and general good spirits and most of us (myself included, I'm pleased to say) figured it out in the end. I will say - waaay harder than it looks! :) My arms aren't terrible today, but I'm definitely feeling them. Looking forward to class tomorrow - yesterday was more challenging that it has been and I loved it!

As per my resolution (that I've been really slow in implementing) I went out today (my "off" day) to jog. I haven't jogged or walked faithfully since before the New Year, but let me say - I can definitely tell that yoga is working. Jogging - while I still think it's boring - was sooo much easier today, after three weeks of yoga but no jogging, than it was three weeks ago when I attempted it (before taking any yoga classes).

Abby and I picked up Allen, Lizzie, and Ruth today and we went to the indoor playground, but we took a quick stop in at the thrift store first. :) Not a great deal day - everything was sooo expensive, though I did see an aerobic step for $8 I'm wishing I'd gotten - but I did find a good stack of books (and at my "home educator" rate of ten cents per book, they're an even better deal!). Another copy of "The Sound and the Fury" (cuz mine is pretty beat up) (even though I don't love Falkner, I feel that as a self-respecting English major I should own his favorite work); Midwives (I know nothing about this book but flipped it open and it seemed interesting); 40 Ways To Raise A Non-Racist Child (I can't wait to dig into this one! Racism is so close to my heart!); Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman (not sure if this is FOR beautiful women or to MAKE you a beautiful woman, lol); and Harvest The Fire (again, I know nothing about this book except it's scifi and old. Which generally translates to "good read").

I also got a book on UFO's from a Christian perspective by an author I heard in person many years ago. In fact, a non-Christian friend came to hear him with me, and she was so convicted she came back on Sunday and went forward! :) I gave the book to Anna since we'd been discussing this topic, but I can't wait to reread it.

I've been crafting a bunch lately... I'm not sure what the motivation is, except that I recently added a lot of blogs to my reading list that are written by crafty folks. Monkey see, monkey do, I guess. :)

I love zippers - yes, I'm just a little obsessed, lol - so I was excited to see this tutorial on how to make a "daylily" zipper flower. I didn't like her design perfectly, so I altered it a little, but it turns out I don't like this one perfectly, either. Gonna keep trying, but I'm gonna get some zippers from the thrift store to practice on. :)

Ruth is turning 11 tomorrow... my "real gift" is a day in D.C. ice-skating at the sculture gardens, but I wanted something I could unwrap that was sort of related. I found this easy hat tutorial - six seams in all! I love it! - and made a scarf/hat set for her. The only alteration I made was to make the bottom band a little wider, and I added a pompom to the top. Isn't it cute? I won't say this pattern is completely foolproof, but I will say you have to be a seasoned, at least semi-professional fool (like me, lol) to goof it up.

My other pressing project - Khy's birthday sweater - is coming along nicely. I finished the back over the weekend and started/finished the first front panel today. When finished, it'll be a hoodie-style cotton sweater for my little guy. :) Two pieces down, four pieces (another front panel, two sleeves, and a hood) to go!

And finally - I've had these purses sitting at the end of my bed ever since my last closet-clean out. Would anybody like them? They're quite cute and in good condition and I'm loathe to throw them out, but so far everybody I've asked is cleaning out their own closets. If you'd like one or all of them, let me know.

The first is a beautiful green St. John's Bay hobo with a buckle embellishment - I got lots of compliments on it the few times I used it, but it's just too small for my life, lol - the second is a silver clutch-size bag from Claire's with a sparkly "S" monogram, and the third is a cosmetic case with a nice looking brown print. They're all looking for good homes. Handbags are like puppies. :)
If you're local, let me know what you want and I'll bring it to you the next time I see you. If you're a blogosphere friend, drop me a line and we'll work something out.

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