Sunday, January 30, 2011


This weekend has gone by so fast, it's crazy. Normally I feel like weekends stretch on and on and I'm always ready to go back to a routine by the time Sunday rolls around, but this weekend has been full and fun and I think today will be a good rest day before jumping back into the daily grind. Not that the daily grind is bad - I love every day of my life! Even the Mondays (which I get to spend with my Abster!) :)

Friday I had planned to go up to D.C. with Ruth, to go ice-skating for her birthday, but the forecast called for rain AND snow, so we decided to reschedule. Not only did I want to slog through D.C. in precipitation of any kind, I also didn't want to have to drive to and from the metro station in it. It ended up being a good decision because it did indeed both snow and rain. Instead, I spent the day reading (mostly The Dark Tower - no, not the Stephen King novel lol! - but also some of my new books), listing stuff on Etsy, and putting some more stitches into the Khy's birthday sweater, AKA "The Ugliest Sweater In The World." I told Robin that she had to promise to pull it out when I had my own babies so we could laugh about it together, and she agreed. Seriously, I am following the pattern exactly, and the individual stitches look nice, but somehow the whole thing just looks hideously ugly. Oh, well. Khy will get a good laugh at his Auntie Ra-Ra someday. :) We had a family birthday celebration that evening with my grandparents.

Yesterday was full and fun! We had a Father-Daughter banquet at church Saturday morning - all four of my sisters and I went with my dad, who also accompanied two gals from church who don't have a father figure in their daily lives (my dad is awesome like that :)). So. Much. Fun. I was sharing beforehand with the BFF that I was a little nervous about the whole thing, because those events can go sappy/cheesy/awkward really easily, but it was fun and there was lots of good stuff to think about, and laughter, and good food.

I did some deep cleaning and organizing in my room in the afternoon - all but vacuuming, I truly hate to vacuum! - then had a good chat over the phone with Robin while chilling for a bit. Then Maggie and I headed out to Tearrific to use the free wi-fi to download the latest episode of Sanctuary, drink some green tea, and chat.

We ran into the grocery store on the way home, where we picked up (among other things!) the latest issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray. I lovelovelove this magazine (there was a coupon inside for a year's subscription for $12, down from the regular price of $39.99, and Maggie and I decided to split the cost and just go ahead and subscribe. We love it that much). This is why: not only are there awesome recipes and health tips, but everydayish tips like this one: When your eyeshadow (the kind in a compact) shatters and goes everywhere, dribble a little rubbing alcohol on it until it forms a paste, use a spoon to smooth it back into the compact, and let it dry. Wish I'd bought this a week earlier as I just threw out several of my fav eyeshadow colors because they'd powdered/cracked and were all over the inside of my purse. :(

We came home to watch episodes of Unnatural History on my laptop curled up on my bed. :) I love cozy nights in!

What I love about the weekends (in no particular order):
  • Sleeping in - duh! :)
  • Going to bed early but taking your time falling asleep by reading, listening to music, writing, or just relaxing.
  • Hanging out with family.
  • Special events!
  • Cooking (and not having to plan meals in advance)
  • Staying in PJ's all day (Abby and I are very alike, lol)
  • Getting ready for a brand new week - getting everything organized and clean to hit the new week running!

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