Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, Wal-Mart, Seriously?

This is funny now, and I can laugh, but let me just say that I've had a lot of bad Wal-Mart experiences lately that haven't been so funny. I'm currently contemplating what my life would look like if I decided to "boycott" WM and take my business to other retailers in the area. And I'm contemplating pretty seriously, people. In the meantime, here's a typical "incident":

I go to Wal-Mart to buy new/more yoga pants (the kind they used to carry, which everyone who wrote reviews LOVED, has been discontinued in favor of another kind of pant, which I and everyone else who wrote reviews HATES, but that's another story). I pick up some clothes and head to the dressing room.

Wal-Mart Employee (WME): "How many?"
Me: "Five."
WME: "HOW many?"
Me: (slightly louder) "Five."
WME: "One? Two? Three? Four?"
Me: "Five?"
WME: "Here, just take this one." (hands me a dangler that says 5)
Me: "Ok... since I have five..."
WME: "Oh, you have five?"
Me: "... yes."

I take my things into the dressing room. Skip ahead two minutes.

WME: (yelling into the dressing room) "Is anyone in there?"
Me: *figures she can't mean me, since I JUST came in here, and she saw me, and in order to get out without her seeing I' have to scale the back wall of the dressing booth*
WME: *bangs on my door* "Is ANYONE in there?!"
Me: "Um... me?"
WME: "Oh, I forgot about you... how many items do you have?"
Me: "Five?"
WME: "Did you say five?"

That sound you hear, folks, is my head banging against the wall repeatedly.

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