Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

I was so determined to make this a productive weekend... and then I woke up yesterday sick. I HATE being sick! :( I spent yesterday doing nothing, but today I was feeling better for a little while and I ran around cleaning up a little before crashing on my bed again. I don't know why it's easier to be sick in a space that's clean than in a cluttered space, but it really is.

So, my weekend accomplishments came down to this:

1) I sort of got the bathroom cleaned... It's not great but it definitely looks better.

2) The craft for Matt & Jess's wedding - almost done! I got this almost totally completed on Thursday night before I got sick. I am so amazed at how well this turned out - almost exactly like I imagined it. Except maybe even better. :) I just have a few last things to finish up and then I'll definitely be posting pictures.

3) I also got Khy's sweater seamed - it was a nice task to do in bed. It turned out exactly like the pattern showed, and I've decided it's not anything I did wrong that makes it funky-looking... it's just the pattern itself. I think I'm going to try again in wool, so I can felt it, and make a few small adjustments.

And that's it. No lesson plans, nothing else done but a lot of TV watching and ibuprofen taking. I am feeling a bit better today, and Anna is going to watch Abby for me tomorrow so I can finish recovering. It's so nice to not have to stress over work AND feeling better... first time since I was sixteen that I haven't had to stress and worry about losing my job because I was sick and couldn't go in to work (none of my jobs were particularly understanding about sick days, most had a 24 hour-notice policy, and all of them held strictly to the policy that if you couldn't find your own replacement, you were required to come in or risk disciplinary action).

I hope everybody else had a great weekend that was more fun than mine, lol!

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