Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Just to clarify, I am part of that lovely demographic of single and as of yet unattached folks, but that doesn't hamper my celebration in the least. :) While I look forward to experiencing and celebrating romantic love in the future, in the present I have tons of loved ones to celebrate with!

For a single gal, I got lots of love today. The celebration started off at work, with the "love of my life," Abigail! Her 'rents got her a whole bag full of V-Day goodies - princess stickers, DVD's, books! We immediately got started watching Cars, but I can't wait to watch Ratatouille with her!

I brought her a gift I've been working on in the evenings lately. It still wasn't quite finished yet today - I have a few stitches left to put in it! - but I brought it so she could wear it to her V-Day playdate with cousin Lily today.

Let me just say - this was so much harder to make than it looked. In the end it turned out quite a bit misshapen, but of course the Abster made it look adorable. She loved the "flower heart" :).
Her mommy brought me home a dozen roses! I feel so absolutely blessed to be in the position I'm in - it's not every day that you get to work for honestly amazingly, caring, thoughtful folks. I had fun arranging these roses to go on my bedside table. Don't you love the luxury of a dozen roses?

I also have these three beautiful lavender roses that my friend's fiancee sent home with us after her bridal shower. So pretty!

My Dad stayed up late last night designing these homemade valentines. :) Each of his children got one, with a special note inside listing some of the character qualities he most appreciates in our lives. :) This is one "love note" that's definitely going into my keepsake box!

This is the last of my Valentine's Day projects... didn't they turn out nicely? They're super simple and make perfect coasters.

Tonight's yoga class was sooo much fun... I know, I know I say that every time, but today may have taken the fun factor off the charts! I was dreading going, since I'm still not 100% feeling great, and my energy is very low, but once we started I was able to everything and it felt terrific. No coughing up a lung, either! Also - I randomly decided to attempt Chaturanga and I did it! I couldn't do it again, but I was super psyched that I was able to do one all by myself!

We started class off with a session of food meditation - this is sooo useful for me, to really practice thinking about what I put into my mouth in a thoughtful way. Then we warmed up and spent the rest of the class doing partner poses. So. Much. Fun. :)
Finally, we ended class by getting a massage. :) Class ran really late, so I skipped out on the last meditation to go home for a fancy dinner with the family - crystal, candles, and a yummy meal of salmon and rice pilaf.
I've been noticing a little more single angst in the world this Valentine's Day than I normally do. While, as I said, I look forward to someday being in love and married, it seems sad to me to spend the day focusing on what you don't have instead of what you do. If you are married (or, as some of my friend, preparing for "imminent marriage", lol) remember that after God, your marriage is your most important relationship. Set a good example for those of us who hope one day to be in your shoes!
For we single folks, I've been telling myself constantly lately that every day is an opportunity to prepare for my future, be it as a married woman or not. I want to get as many character flaws worked out as possible BEFORE going into marriage, and I want to develop as many positive traits and habits as I can.

Happy Valentine's Day!

"And by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if you have love one for another!" - John 13:35

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