Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've sat down at least three times in the last week to try to write a blog post, and so far I've yielded nothing worth sharing. I want to get more into doing topical posts, not just daily slice-of-life posts, but apparently I'm gonna have to ease into blogging again with ramblings, since I'm in total writer's block. It's twice as hard to start again after a break than it is to keep going!
Well... to start... can you tell what's on my mind?
Getting fit in 2011! This is my new yoga mat (I'm so thrilled it's orange - what a great inspiring color!) and Camelbak water bottle (also orange). My first beginner class is tonight - I'm super excited (and a little nervous - never done anything like this before!). I'll report on how it goes tomorrow.
While my best friend was here, we took our sisters and her son up to Washington D.C. to see the sights, walk around the city, and eat some good food. I still need to sort and label the pictures and get them up into an online album, but here are some of the highlights.
My BFF and my sister Maggie on the metro on our way into the city. We thought we'd use the metro a lot more on our trip but ended up using it only to get in and out of the city and walked the rest of the way. It was a ton of fun but my feet were really sore that night! :)
Khy seemed pretty unimpressed by the whole trip, but he was an angel. He barely fussed and sat through dinner at the restaurant like a little gentleman. :)

We swung by the Sculpture Garden - one of my fav places in D.C.! - to see the winter ice-skating rink. I'll be taking my sister Ruth there for her birthday next week - can't wait! She loves D.C. and the art gallery as much as I do, and she's been wanting to try ice skating all winter.

That's pretty much all that's been going on lately... it's been pretty quiet and boring since BFF and Khy went home. Abby has joined me in missing them - she told her daddy last night that she missed Khy and his mommy. :) I am looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon!

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