Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just Chillin'

Half of the family is out of the house today at various events, so Mom, Maggie, Ruth, and I went out for a late lunch at Teariffic to take advantage of their 20% off dim sum Saturday special. I had a gift certificate from Abby and her parents (love you guys!).

Florence has recently updated her menu to include a kids menu, so Ruth ordered the Teriyaki Chicken... with a side of fries. LOL! I have to say, though, that they were some of the best fries I've tasted in the county! Maggie, Mom, and I ordered a bunch of dim sum to share: a couple orders of spring rolls, fried wontons (they usually come with peanut sauce, which I personally adore, but Ruth has a peanut allergy and my mom hates the flavor, so we ordered it with a side of lemongrass dressing instead, and it was quite yummy), fried pork dumplings, and fried vegetable dumplings. I got my favorite chilled kiwi Jasmine green tea, of course, and Maggie and I ended up splitting an order of Custard buns for dessert. So good! I'm always amazed at how incredible everything is here... the Teriyaki chicken was tender and the sauce was perfectly balanced, not too sweet or overbearing; the spring rolls were crisp and perfect, the wontons and dumplings were perfectly seared and carmalized... the only thing I didn't love was the vegetable dumplings, but I think that was just due to my own personal tastes.

After lunch we ducked into Target to pick up some produce and a few random odds and ends, and then we came home for a lazy afternoon, which included a lot of Star Trek watching for Maggie and me. :)

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