Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doing Stuff :)

I've been getting lots of little things done lately... I can definitely tell my birthday is next week - for some reason I'm always very motivated to get my act together right before I turn another year older!

Today I took a minute to organize my blogroll. Sadly, some of my fav blogs have now been relegated to the "Other Blogs" list for one reason of another (they folded, or their owners stopped posting; their content has changed and isn't so relevant to my life anymore OR my life has changed and their content hasn't, so it isn't so relevant, lol; blogs that were an ok read when I had time to sit on the computer just aren't that engaging when my times is limited). One of these days I'd like to do a post about the blogs I read on a regular basis.

My room is also clean and organized. I finally rehomed the dresser I've been wanting to oust for awhile now. It was a very nice dresser, very well-made and large, and it was given to me free, but it was too large to fit well into my closet, and my room is too small for another piece of furniture. A few weeks ago I was given a much smaller dresser, which fit my needs perfectly, but needed some slight repairs, so I hung onto both until I could resolve them. Well, last week my dad got the little one all fixed up, so I finally cleaned out the big one. I love Facebook, lol - I posted a status update that read "Would anyone like a free wooden dresser? It is tall and has 4 very deep drawers. I love it but it doesn't work with my room" and five minutes later it was claimed. The very best part is that the friend who claimed it was giving it to a friend it hers who had asked her to keep an eye out for a free dresser for her infant daughter. Love it!

I also did a very little bit of weeding in my wardrobe... definitely not a full cleanout, but I did donate some things that have accumulated. I also found a few things with labels still attached, so I'm taking them back for store credit. Free shopping! :)

This weekend my family and I are going down to Richmond, Virginia to attend the HEAV convention. Last year I went for the first time, and it was just an incredible time to recharge, refresh, and find inspiration. I found a ton of incredible resources, got all pumped up by the workshops, and my soul was really bolstered by the whole atmosphere. Last year was also sort of an adventure for me, since I went entirely by myself, booked myself a hotel room, and enjoyed being on my own. This year the entire family is coming, although I still booked a separate hotel room for my sister and myself since I couldn't stand the idea of sharing a bed with someone with all my weird back/hip issues. I'm looking forward to experiencing the conference this year with everyone, then doing some exploring with Maggie that night. Also, the hotel has a swimming pool. :) I'm also looking forward to hanging out with some dear friends - one of my mentors from church and her family, a fellow teacher from co-op and her family, and other families from church, will all be coming. Lots of good folks!

I will bring back pictures and stories next week - have a good weekend, everyone!

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