Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama, Part 3

Monday was a little bittersweet... it was so much fun, and we were glad to be together, but sad that by evening I'd be back in MD. :(

Monday was our shortest day, and also the least busy day, but probably the one I enjoyed the most. :) Robin let me sleep in - I'm still shocked I didn't hear her and Khy get up! - and then we took Khy and went into town to run errands. On the way into town we stopped and had breakfast, and on the way back we picked up frappes from McDonalds. Once home, I snuggled some more with Khy while we watched an episode of Merlin and just generally hung out. :)

My flight left at five, so by four we were at the airport saying goodbye. :( It broke my heart to have to leave.

Lol, looking back on this post, the day sounds so boring, but really I think it was my favorite time of the whole trip. It was "just us" for most of the day... okay, well, just us and the baby, lol... and we got to talk and laugh and say "Remember when?" a lot. I watched "Pooh's Grand Adventure" with Abigail the day after I got home, and there's a part where Pooh Bear says, "You are all the best of my best friends... I could do anything with you... but only Christopher Robin and I could do nothing." It was so much how I was feeling at that moment that I teared up. Everything is good with your best friend... running errands, driving, cleaning... doing nothing. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you're together.

I am so grateful for my best friend, for so many reasons. I read once somewhere that only something like 27% of folks say that have a best friend... that's roughly only one quarter of the population, people! And for once I landed in the favorable part of those statistics!

Anyway... moving on... it was an amazing trip, and I'm already looking forward to planning another. :)

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