Saturday, June 5, 2010


It's official - it's summer here in Southern Maryland. And, really, folks, I am trying to be a good sport and trying to enjoy (???) the heat and trying to get into the spirit of things, but... I'm pretty sure that somewhere in my family tree there is an Eskimo, and I don't like the heat. At the end of the day, that's just what it comes down to: I wish it were twenty degrees cooler. Especially at the end of the day, when - even with the air conditioning running full blast - my room is five to ten degrees hotter than the rest of the house.

One thing I do like about summer is being able to get in the water. I love water. :) I started taking swimming lessons before I was one, and I've pretty much been a fish ever since. Our little pool is up in the yard, which is nice, but the real treat is my grandparent's pool just a mile up the street, which is a bona fide in-ground pool that stays nice and cool (ours is so small it tends to get too warm pretty quickly).


On Thursday, Abigail and I packed up to go to the pool, and when we swung by my house to pick up my swimsuit and beach bag, all the cousins wanted to go, too, so we ended up packing everyone up to go. :) It was a lot of fun! We played in the water for a long time, until I made her get out to warm up, but she was laughing and playing the whole time. Next time, I will definitely get pictures!

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