Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thinking About It

We're reaching a point now where Abigail has the physical skills to do a lot of things, but lacks confidence in herself. She'll climb up on to her rocking horse, then fuss to be lifted off, even though she knows how to do it herself. When I tell her 'You're a big girl and you know how to do it - just climb down!' she'll fuss for a second, then climb right down, no problems. Once she's down, she's SO PROUD to have gotten down by herself. Today at the playground she climbed onto a bridge, then fussed to be rescued. I told her to 'get low' and climb off, and she complained loudly about how it was TOO HARD and she COULDN'T POSSIBLY DO IT - all while she was climbing down. When her feet were on the ground again, she turned around beaming and said something I'm sure was her version of 'I did it!' Watching her makes me wonder how many times I go into a challenge kicking and screaming and yelling - all the way to success. What foolish creatures we humans are. :>

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