Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Week In Pictures

Saturday: A fro-yo date with Abigail, Maggie, and Ruth! I always love it when I get to "babysit" Abby on the weekends, during the rare occasions that her parents have to be somewhere without her. We always have fun!

Sunday: Dontcha just love these cute owl salt and pepper shakers that Maggie gave me? Whenever I take a snapshot of whatever yumminess I've been fixing, these are usually in the background, and I always get compliments. :)

Monday: Our first day of VBS! It was a fantastic week but so crazy-busy... And speaking of crazy-busy... this is essentially what I ran on all week. It was the sort of week that required venti-sized coffee...
Tuesday: It's been raining here A LOT. At one point I felt I'd moved into a houseboat, not a trailer.

Wednesday: My AC in the truck wasn't working most of the week, so the pool was a welcome relief after being hot all morning. Abby has turned into quite a little fish and swims all over the place! :)

Thursday: Relaxing for a bit before getting into (hot!) costumes and makeup.

Friday: Do you like my new earrings? :)

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