Friday, July 5, 2013

My Week In Pictures

Saturday: Saturday was amazing. My best friend was one state over at a music festival, and since she didn't like any of the bands playing that night, she ditched it and came up to spend the day with us. :) Her other bridesmaid and I got up early, drove down and picked her up, then came back, picked up my sister, and we spent the whole day together eating a terrible lunch at the new restaurant in town (it was truly. awful. but it made a good story ;)), getting pedis, swimming, having a picnic lunch at the park, swinging on the swings at the playground in the park, walking all around the wharf, stopping at a Mexican café for fried ice cream (which she swears just isn't as good in Alabama), and finally collapsing into bed. It was a really long day, but a good one.

You want me to pick just one photo to represent it? Okay. Hmm. How bout this one?

My friend Crisy holding our friends' new daughter, Ashlynn!
Or this one...
It was only, like, ten thirty in the morning, but we needed ice cream and there was fresh homemade ice cream to be had. Kismet.
How bout this one?

My sister Maggie enjoying some time at the wharf, soaking in the sunset.
Basically, it was like a mini-vacation squeezed into one day, and while I needed a nap the next day to recover, it was worth it. :)

Monday: I have always wanted to learn to make homemade pudding - I have no idea why, it just seems like such a domestic-goddess thing to do! - so Monday, after I got back home after dinner with the family, I pulled out my milk, cornstarch, cocoa, salt, butter, sugar, vanilla, and salt, and whipped up a batch using this recipe. It was AMAZING - SOOOO much better than the gross instant stuff! Now I really want Fall to come so I can make Maple pudding... mmm...
Tuesday: After work, my siblings and dad and I went up to meet two families from church for dinner and to see Despicable Me 2. I love DM1 and the sequel was equally amazing! :)

Wednesday: I tried a bunch of different patriotic nail designs in preparation for the 4th. (I ended up going with these, except with red on the fifth finger instead of blue, but I wish I'd thought of these - next year!)

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