Monday, July 8, 2013


My family went out of town for the fourth. I didn't, for various reasons (I would have had to take a day off work... I don't have any spare money to speak of right now... I wasn't sure my truck would make the twelve hours+ driving time, and if it did break down, there's that matter of having no spare money to fix it with... and I didn't want to be stuck with my family, if I rode with them, in a car for the twelve+ hours driving time (sorry guys, you know I love you!)). I was kind of bummed, especially when I found out that my extended family wasn't getting together to celebrate, either.

But then my sister asked if I'd watch the dog, and my mom suggested I stay in the house to make dog-watching easier (he'd old and requires a bit of babying :)) so the weekend turned into a little staycation in the "big house".

This will be my third week of living in my RV full-time (is that really all? It felt longer, cuz it definitely feels like home). And this is the first time I've stayed in a "stick and brick" house since moving in. My thoughts?

- Traditional homes are so. big. They never felt so before, but now I catch myself thinking, I could go lie on the bed in the bedroom and watch TV, or I could sit on the couch in the living room and read, or I could go get a snack in the kitchen... if I was inclined (I'm not) I could go sew in the sewing room. There's so much room!

- And don't even get me started on the size of the bathrooms. I'm guessing my bathroom is like... I dunno... 5'X5', maybe? The bathrooms in the house feel huge.

- And I sort of really wish my bathroom was nicer. And I have a nice bathroom - I mean, not as luxurious as some, but definitely nicer than 98% of the ones I've ever seen. It does have a tub (of sorts) and I'm truly thankful for it, I promise. But I'd forgotten the luxury of filling up a big tub with warm water and just soaking. I think that might be the only thing I really truly miss about traditional homes.

- But there's a downside to it, too... I never feel safe staying alone in the house by myself. Strange, but true. There's too much space, too many doors, and I've always locked myself in in stages (first the exterior doors, then the door to the upstairs, then the bedroom door) because it's creepy staying in a big house by yourself. The last night I stayed, in fact, I didn't even try. I napped on the couch all night (ouch!). In my trailer, I never worry about it - there's one door, it's easy to check and see if it's locked or not, and if I hear strange noises during the night, it's probably my AC kicking in, the frogs outside, or something easily explainable. (I think I've seen too many murder mysteries where someone is killed in their home... but I've never seen one where someone was killed in their RV lol).

So in short... it was a nice vacation, and I enjoyed it... but I'm also sort of glad to lug my toothbrush, hairbrush, and gallon of milk back to my own place. :)

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