Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Where Did The Time Go?

Um... it's been like, FOREVER since I've had a chance to post (sorry 'bout that). Okay, it's only been two weeks, but so much has happened that it somehow feels longer. I promise I'll catch up soon! In the meantime, some snapshots of what's been going on:

~ I celebrated one month in my trailer and spent some time reflecting on how happy I am with life. How often does that happen? I also (finally!) built a support ramp for my sewer line, which means I can empty the tanks and flush the lines by pulling a switch. It's amazing what makes you happy when you're living in a trailer. :)

~ I got pets! Two rat-babies (both females) and this was truly the last piece missing before "house" became "home." :) They're darling, and I enjoy every moment of snuggling, playing, and just generally spoiling them. :)


~ Abigail and I are counting down our last few weeks together before kindergarten starts. :( I'm trying not to think about it too much, except for when I'm applying for jobs (and even that's going well - I've gotten several calls about nanny jobs, so it's good to know I have that to fall back on). In the meantime, our days are full of swimming, crafts, reading, cuddling, etc. :)

~ In just TWO WEEKS I'll be at Shore Leave with Maggie and my BFF. I. am. so. excited! We have an awesome hotel room (with a hot tub!)... tons of neat people at the conference... a Wegmans (with their hummus bar ;)) across the street... lots of girl time. :)

~ Although in one way I feel like this summer has gone by way too fast, I also feel like it's graciously stretched a bit to give me time to enjoy it. And I'm grateful.

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