Monday, February 16, 2015


- It's snowing. Looks like this is going to be the big, unavoidable snowstorm that I was hoping we'd skip this year. Eight to ten inches, no thaw in sight, temperatures won't get above freezing until Saturday (and even then, just a high of 35 degrees). Gah. (I hate snow.) The triplet's grandma came early so I could go home before it got bad, and even then, I slid past a stop sign on the way home and chanted, "You're okay, it's alright," to myself for the last two miles, convinced I was going to die. I'm genuinely afraid of snow, people. It terrifies me.

- I did a crazy five-minute grocery run on the way home, though, for groceries, since I had almost nothing on hand. Apparently my idea of emergency snow groceries are: a loaf of bread, sharp cheddar and havarti cheese (grilled cheese, y'all), salsa, tortilla chips, muffins (junk food!), two packages of mushrooms, a big bag of spinach, and a can of beef broth (cuz I want soup). I already have beans, crushed tomatoes, and ground beef on hand to make crockpot chili, which is the thing I do to comfort myself when it's snowing. (I hate snow.)

- The good news is, I still have running water, even though it's 16 degrees outside! Which is rather odd, because yesterday when it was 28 degrees, I did not. I've actually not had water a lot this year, and finally last week I went over the line trying to figure out where my weak spot was, and I pulled out the thermostat on the heat tape and left it exposed, and it's done a lot better so far. But still - the times that I do have water and the times that I don't baffle me. Middle of the night, 6 degrees outside? Water! Middle of the day, sun shining, 30 degrees outside? No water! Absolutely no rhyme or reason.
Also - I broke the drainage pipe that connects the black/grey water tank to the sewer system. This isn't anywhere near as gross as it seems, as the black water tank was closed and so the pipe was just filled with dishwater, but it's still annoying. It had slid off the rack and I went to pick it up, not realizing it had frozen, and it literally just snapped in two. As soon as everything thaws (hah. Like this will EVER happen!) I'll put in a new one.

- Swim was cancelled tonight. I'm both incredibly sad and incredibly relieved. (Because I hate snow.)  The thought of driving was making me sweat, but I miss my kids and I wanted to coach. :( Someday I'm going to have a life where I can coach all day. :)

- Is it time to go to Florida yet?!?

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